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    Tiffany Dix

Tiffany Dix has been in the teaching profession for over 20 years.  Her career started at a childcare facility in her hometown of Louisville, KY.  After moving to Evansville, IN, she taught in the Head Start program at the Community Action Program of Evansville (CAPE), while also attending the University of Southern Indiana, where she received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a kindergarten endorsement.  Since graduating in 2005, she has been a teacher at Cedar Hall Community School.  Dix puts a lot of effort into making her 5th grade class a fun learning environment.  So much so, that her students can’t wait to get to school each day.  She also spends a lot of her time on other activities within the community.  She has been the Color Guard instructor for Central High School for the last three years, and has been the Color Guard instructor for Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp Honors Winter Guard since 2014.  Dix is also involved with the Central High School HELP program and is working with the Evansville Police Department to raise funds to take students to Disney World next school year. She leads Cedar Hall’s Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) team and also sits on Cedar Hall’s Leadership Team.  She has enriched the lives of numerous students throughout her 20 years as an educator. 

To get a better idea of just how great of a teacher Tiffany Dix is, here is a personal story from Rachel Crews, a parent of one of her current students.

My son’s dad was called Big Chuck by family and friends. He had colon cancer and after fighting very hard for his life for 3 years he passed away at the age of 33. He left behind our only child who is 11, his name is Little Chuck.

My son’s dad was a true Superman fan; loving everything he stood for and for all the good he did. He passed his passion and love for Superman on to our son. He went through so much and fought so hard while battling cancer and was winning for a while, but in the end his strength gave out. My son’s dad was his hero, his superman. After his father passed it was very hard on my son. He struggled with depression, and the only thing that helped was his love of Superman, this was all that he had left of his daddy. Life was rough for him, I gave him all the emotional support I could but I couldn't bring back his superman.

When my son entered 5th grade I met his teacher. I explained to her the situation with my son, how he was depressed after his father died and that he was off the medication he was taking for his ADHD since that seemed to worsen the depression. She understood. She was so compassionate and understanding. She is truly the most wonderful kind hearted person I have ever met.

Those two were able to bond in a way I didn't expect – their shared love of super heroes; my son the Superman fan and Mrs. Dix loved all things Wonder Woman. When the school year began I thought this year would be the worst ever for my son but it wasn't, he’s actually loving school. She makes learning so much fun, that he wants to go to school. She is absolutely amazing and is a hero to myself and to my son. She works so hard to be the best she can be every day and she went out of her way to make sure Chucky was ok daily. She had extra patience with him and they have grown so close, my son is so blessed to have a teacher like this. She deserves to be honored!

My son still collects anything Superman and his dad is still his top hero, but Mrs. Dix has changed my son’s life forever. My son is really special. After his dad died he still kept his grades up and is getting straight A's. He's a sweet boy with a huge heart. Plus he is always wearing superman – even at hockey practice. He does his best and gives his all every day because Mrs. Dix taught him that. His next goal is to see Mrs. Dix honored for the difference she made in his life! She has made a difference in not only my son’s life, but has impacted hundreds of other children’s lives in our community.

With her strong dedication to her students and community, it’s easy to see why Tiffany Dix is worthy of the honor of being inducted into the Superman Hall of Heroes.


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