Suzanne Greenberg


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    Suzanne Greenberg
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    CAN Council
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You can’t say you know Suzanne Greenberg without knowing her passion for children and her dedication to building communities where children are free from abuse and neglect.

Suzanne is an exceptional role model for women. She exhibits tenacity, integrity and character amid personal and professional adversity. Her character is best described on the John Carroll University Alumni Award plaque received in 2010:

“At the turn of the century, author Edward H Griggs wrote, ‘Every experience, however bitter, has its lessons, and to focus one’s attention on the lesson helps one overcome bitterness.’

Suzanne Greenberg learned from and overcame her tragic experiences as a child who was sexually and physically abused. Today, she is CEO and president of the Child Abuse and Neglect Council of the GLBR….In that role, Suzanne shines a spotlight on the critical need for prevention of child abuse. Under her leadership, the council has twice received the statewide Children’s Trust Fund Council of Excellence Award and now serves thousands of children….”

Suzanne’s vision resulted in the implementation of a variety of programs and initiatives that focus on both long term preventative education and awareness plus short term advocacy and care.

Suzanne has the ability to inspire and motivate others and thus led an organization like CAN Council through the difficult economic times where demands on the organization increased, and yet they continue to expand programs and geographic outreach. As a regional leader, she saw the affiliation (merger) with the Nathan Weidner Children’s Advocacy Center in Bay County as an effective use of financial and human resources while offering additional services to children and families in Bay County. Suzanne is a collaborative partner in leadership positions throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Suzanne is also a voice for children at the state and national level taking a leadership role on board for the Michigan and National Court Appointed Special Advocate (known as CASA) Associations.   Suzanne is a recognized leader, statewide, locally and nationally--being recognized a Ten Outstanding Young American in 2001 (a very prestigious national award examples of other winners include John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Ralph Nader and Henry Kissinger) by the United States Jaycees.

While working on CAN Council’s Capital Campaign, Suzanne remarked that she wanted to change her title from President & CEO to Possibilitarian. Yes, Suzanne makes what may seem impossible – possible when working within CAN or throughout the community.

Her inspiration for creating communities where children are safe, healthy and happy are two children:  Samantha (25) and Benjamin (20) as well as her husband of 30 years, Alan Greenberg.

“To inspire her team and have them respond with the same passion Suzanne exhibits, is a testimony to her leadership and commitment.” It is with great honor that we present Suzanne Greenberg – a leader, a woman of achievement and a possibilitarian.

CAN Council Capital Campaign:

The CAN Council has launched a $2.7 million Capital Campaign to allow for the enhanced continuation and expansion of CAN programs to better meet the needs of abused and neglected children and at-risk families throughout our region. Founded in 1979, the CAN Council is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect through its nationally-accredited and award-winning education, intervention and advocacy programs. The CAN Council has consistently grown to serve our region’s children and families, and has outgrown its current facilities. To address this problem, CAN will expand its existing building.

Join me and help the CAN Council give abused children the atmosphere of respect, privacy and safety they deserve; offer more support to struggling parents; and promote the reporting of suspected abuse. Through your donation, you will not only be helping to sponsor CAN’s growth, but also helping to protect our children. Foundations and corporations from across Michigan have pledged nearly $2 million to the campaign, and the construction will make use of donated labor and materials to help offset project costs. Your financial support of the campaign is critical as well. Please complete the attached pledge form and return it to me by May 31st. You CAN make a difference in the life of a child.

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