Pat and Karen Wood


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    Pat and Karen Wood

Pat and Karen Wood are the epitome of what we would call real heroes.  As a young college graduate in California, Pat Wood joined the Big Brother program hoping to provide some much needed companionship and guidance to a less fortunate young boy growing up in the projects and living on welfare.   Pat was quickly introduced to a seven-year-old boy named Bryan Davis.  Bryan was from the Canoga Park neighborhood which was also home to dangerous gangs and drug dealers.  Pat and Karen Wood frequently picked up Bryan and took him to parks, sporting events, out for ice cream and many other activities. 

As Pat’s career took off he was ultimately relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina where he and Karen began to raise their two beautiful daughters.  Pat would frequently check in on Bryan to see how he was progressing, but Bryan’s neighborhood was getting worse and tragedy had struck. Bryan’s 13-year-old sister had been severely beaten by gang members and tragically passed away shortly after as the result of an overdose of sleeping pills.

Pat and Karen had heard enough, so they asked Bryan if he would like to move to Charlotte, North Carolina and live with them.  After some time, Bryan agreed to move in and make the Wood house his home.  Pat began to teach Bryan many important life skills, power of education, discipline and mutual respect.  Pat was instrumental in assisting Bryan in getting an excellent job and Bryan now enjoys his own home, his own family and a truly productive life.  We believe that people like Pat and Karen Wood are what make America great.  They lead by example and their selfless approach to helping others will inspire others to do the same.  We are proud to announce that Pat and Karen Wood are honorary 2014 inductees into the Superman Hall of Heroes.  Who’s your hero?  Let the world know today.

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