Bryson Rowley


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    Bryson Rowley
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When Bryson Rowley and his wife, Brandy were enjoying an afternoon with their kids at a local park, they had no idea what was headed their way.  A 14-year old, who had stolen his grandfather’s car, was being chased by police and took the pursuit into the park where the Rowleys and several other children were playing.  Realizing that the potential was high that one or more of the children could get hurt, Rowley’s instincts took over, and he stepped into action. Rowley got into his 2006 Dodge 2500 with the intention of keeping the car thief out of the park, but with a heroic move, he ended the chase all together. 

Rowley said the car came from the opposite side of the park.  It came across all the ball fields, across the grass, right at all the kids.  He jumped the car over a grass patch, into the road so he could prevent the driver from coming back in.  He put his truck in front of the driver to block access, and the driver just ran into him.   While Rowley himself was unhurt, the same couldn’t be said about his truck.  The head-on collision caused over $7,000 worth of damage, and he knew that his insurance would likely not cover the repair.  Fortunately, the local community and  West Valley CARSTAR stepped in to make the repairs and get him back on the road.

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