Reginald Jacobs


Quick Facts

  • Name:

    Reginald Jacobs
  • Inducted By:

    Deborah Seals
  • Hometown:

    Atlanta, GA
Reginald is the true epitome of Superman (who also happens to be his favorite Super hero). Reginald is a 17 year US Army Veteran and 5 times deployed champion, serving tours in Korea, Kuwait and Afghanistan. He has received several US Decorations for many achievements. He continues to serve his country in the US Army Reserves. He has given back to communities by making multiple donations and contributions to charities. He is a great father to his beautiful daughters-Alexis and Destiny and a great stand in and role model for my children- Arianna and Khiry. He continues to be Strong, Brave and Indestructible by the Grace of God thru his many challenges he has faced over his life. He is driven and strives to do and be his best at everything he pursues. I love you with all my heart and honor you everday. You are my hero and Superman!!
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Reginald Jacobs

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