Will Shepherd & RJ Aguiar


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    Will Shepherd & RJ Aguiar
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    Los Angeles, CA
Every day, Will and RJ post a video of their normal, everyday life to YouTube. They're currently in their third year of doing this, and they've only taken a few days off. That should in and of itself be commendable. But it is more than that. Their lives show that being gay does not have to be any different than being straight; you can have friends, a home, a dog, and a spouse. They show bravery by being normal, happy, and putting themselves out on the Internet in an effort to help others. I have only been watching them since last fall, but seeing them is a highlight of my day and helped me in my own coming-out process. But it is not just me; I can only begin to imagine how many others have been helped by them. They say they have the best subscribers, but it is only because they are the best YouTubers.
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Will Shepherd & RJ Aguiar

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