Rodney Mullen


Quick Facts

  • Name:

    Rodney Mullen
  • Inducted By:

    Jonathan B. Harrison
  • Hometown:

    Gainesville, FL
Rodney Mullen is a unique and shining individual that has made the world a better place in more ways that can be counted. I witnessed first had his performance in 1988 on the Swatch Tour at the Metairie, La stop. My life was changed forever! He had inspired a nation and has transcended Skateboarding to become an inventor, master performing artist, and a philanthropist. He loves Classical music and reminds me of a master musician with his approach to filming new tricks. His tenacity is unparalleled and legendary. Thank you Rodney! For all you have given us and continue to produce. You are arguably a true living, breathing super hero! Jon Harrison.
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Rodney Mullen

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