Allison Lawrence


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  • Name:

    Allison Lawrence
  • Inducted By:

    Andy Hesselbart
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    Toledo, OH
I nominate my Attorney, Friend & Champion of Justice, Allison "Super-Girl" Lawrence. She chose to know me as my wife once did to represent me as I thought my wife would... Understood me for me. NEVER gave up on me. She believed in me so much she worked pro bono. As we would go into court together she would put her hand over my mouth and say "Not one word!" Then after... or a few times before... "Not in front of my clients.." as I had to wait to hug her in private. Allison Lawrence stood up for me against those whom neglected to read what was my truth of innocence in front of them ALL along. She saw past gender, unfair labeling and profiling to actually take the time to know me and my story where judges and police failed to investigate the truth for themselves. She treated me like a human being with certain inalienable rights we ALL should have as U.S. citizens in a court of law. She gave me a voice to FINALLY listen to my story of love. Where others in the system,church and families failed to allow me equality or fairness and felt it necessary to shut me up and out, as they harassed, threatened and intimidated me into submission Allison Lawrence actually fought against their ignorance, unfounded hatred and animosity to reveal the truth which should have set me free ALL along to save my marriage. She was ALWAYS professional. ALWAYS compassionate. NEVER judgmental or dishonest. She knew my heart. She knows my pain... As when my first love/my wife put her cape around me after breaking the news Christopher Reeve had passed... Allison put her cape around me to say "A great injustice was done..." as she knew losing my best friend to her Mother in divorce was FAR worse than SUPERMAN dying to me... Allison knew I couldn't say "I love you" or risk further torture from the family misconstruing or taking my love out of context to allow my "love letters" to her... ABOVE & BEYOND my Super-Girl attorney succeeded where my wife manipulated by her Mother's medication adjustments,misguided church "friends",third parties of money,greed and pure filth divided without thought to the truth and a sick-a$$, biased against men court system & lost family failed. It is because of Allison I have chosen to live rather than take my own life to see where prayers and faith might take us... Allison Lawrence is indeed a true Hero and gift from above.
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Allison Lawrence

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