Chef David Burke

Chef David Burke

Superman Hall of Heroes inductee Chef David Burke is an American treasure, a true artist in the culinary field and a leader in his community.  When he’s not in the kitchen, Chef Burke spends much of his time at fundraising events, helping charities including March of Dimes, No Kid Hungry, Family Reach, the Charles Lafitte Foundation and many more raise the funds they need.

Chef Burke graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and soon after traveled to France to refine his craft under legendary chefs such as Pierce Troisgros, Georges Blanc and Gaston Lenotre.  Burke’s mastery of French culinary technique was confirmed when, at age 26, he won France’s coveted Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Diplome d’Honneur.

Chef Burke has been honored with Japan’s Nippon Award of Excellence, the Robert Mondavi Award of Excellence and the Culinary Arts Institute’s August Escoffier Award.  In 2012, Chef Burke was named Chef of the Year by the New Jersey Restaurant Association.  In that same month, he was honored with the Concierge Choice Award, celebrating the best in New York City hospitality, winning the best chef award.

Chef Burke is much more than a great American chef, he is a true hero who, when called upon, comes to those in need.  When Hurricane Sandy slammed the east coast in 2012, Chef Burke, without a second thought, began loading his catering truck with prepared meals for the first responders and anyone in need.  Chef Burke continued to provide food and assistance until the coolers were empty.  This is the selfless approach Chef Burke takes in all of his endeavors.

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