Joshua Brian Schaff

Joshua Brian Schaff

Quick Facts

  • Name:

    Joshua Brian Schaff
  • Inducted By:

    The Best Kids Ever
  • Hometown:

    Vancouver, WA
Happy Father's day, comic books are lame. I will never EVER read one EVER again, don't blame me blame Batman 66. Thanks for introducing me into Magic the Gathering, Green Lantern and every other thing like that. You are a true super hero! ;D -Thaddeus

Thanks for showing me rock and taking me to the Tool concert. Thanks for introducing me to comics, without that I would still think Aquaman is just a gay seahorse in the sea. - Thurston

Happy Father's Day to the best dad ever! I thought you couldn't get any nerdier but I guess this is pretty nerdy. Welcome to the hall of nerds! Love, Sapphire
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Joshua Brian Schaff

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