Sabino "Lefty" Piacenza

Sabino "Lefty" Piacenza

Quick Facts

  • Name:

    Sabino "Lefty" Piacenza
  • Inducted By:

    Eric R Sperrazza
  • Hometown:

    Brooklyn, NY

I am inducting my grandfather, Sabino Piacenza, to the Hall of Heroes because he is a true man of honor & morality. He did not just preach to others, through his life, about working hard, taking care of family & being honest...he lead by example. A 'Superman' in his neighborhood, not just by his uncanny resemblance to the Man of Steel, but by his actions, he continues to be a mentor to myself and others around him, as well as, a sterling reminder to us all on what we should a aspire to be.

A devout Catholic, a baseball enthusiast, a lover of music, a dedicated father & husband, and a selfless man of his word, he is my Superman.

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Sabino "Lefty" Piacenza

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