Hugh Antonio Costa

Hugh Antonio Costa

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    Hugh Antonio Costa
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    Bryce Costa & Ethan Costa
We are proud that our Dad is artistic, tech savy, funny, playful, fun, energetic, smart and a great teacher.

And that’s not even what makes him our hero. The main reasons he is our Hero are:

He has taught us that it is often better to give then receive and to use our abilities to help uplift others when ever we can. Dad uses his tech and life experiences to inspire people to get the most out of their technology at Apple.

He is loving, encouraging and always there for us no matter what.

Dad has taught us to keep an open mind and to see more then one side of things. To try new things at least 3 times before we decide if we like it or not.

He always encourages us to do our best. To work smarter, not just harder whenever possible. And to treat others like we want to be treated.

In our family “Can’t” is the worst 4 letter word you can possibly say or think. It is a trap of the mind that can cause us to fail before we begin. Dad encourages us to look at almost all things as possible. And that if something is important enough to find a way and never give up on worthy goals.

So we would have to say our Dad’s greatest super power is to find the positive in anything.

For all these things and more we want to honor our Dad this Father’s Day by adding him to the Superman Hall of heroes.

We Love you Dad,
Bryce & Ethan

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Hugh Antonio Costa

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